Hats off to you!

I am so excited! I got this package in the mail, coverd in red snowmen that yes I will admit the first thing came to mind was a pair of pj's I own lol and ran to the kitchen to grab some scissors (note: I did not run back with scissors "cough")and opened my package. It was my hat from the cables and lace hat swap hosted on Ravelry!It was one of the hats I qued and been dieing to make but been so busy with other knitting projects never started. Along with the amazing hat I got goodies! I will list left to right: * girl tweezer, * skull tissues, *fork-spoon, * candy, * monkey key cover, * Stitch markers, * 2 ornaments, * 2 skiens of knit picks yarn in a great shade of purple! I made a hat for my partner but cant post any pics yet cause she has not recieved it yet. I am in one more hat swap, but this one is a suprise. It's called the "secret hat swap" you make your partner a hat on there wish list. Your parnter has no idea who you are or what your making, until they get it in the mail :) I been busy with hats swaps and between that personal projects. I will be posting pictures of other finished projects when I get a chance. I dont know if anyone really reads my post...but I will give this a try. Does anyone have great holiday wrapping ideas for swaps/ gift giving on knit or crochet projects you make?

I been also doing make-up! and nails. I am going to share a few pics of some makeup looks and nails I did, hopefully they inspire you. I did these in the summer/fall. under each pic I will list the colors I used.


  1. What a great package, I'd have been *not running with scissors* to get this one open too...lol

  2. Hi I just love this hat u posted and love the hat swap idea/ R u releasing the pattern forthat hat...I've been knitting and crcheting for 1 yr. and am trying to collect really cool patters so I can try; i dont sell anything; I'd be willing to swap a pattern if interested???Happy New YeaRS either way; if u r interested pls. contact Bree at bcmonpie@live.com

  3. i love that idea too! if you ever want to swap sometime let me know. The hat is a free pattern on ravelry here is the link :)
    the pattern name is Molly and here is the link

    the second lnk is to another hat similar :)



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