Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update not too Late!

I feel so bad that I haven't posted anything on my blog. Either Craft related, life or projects I been up to. To think that Christmas is almost here and running around trying to do my last minute shopping, ok for some it's not quite last minute but for me it is. Also the new year too! wow this is so crazy! I have a few things to tell you gents and gals. First off I got a new position at my job which has been keeping me extra busy but I have to say I like it allot! and allot less stressful. I knitted a few things that I need to post pics of but one is not with me. I made a special requested knit for a friend a cowl neck, black and grey chunky knit. I will also post notes how to make incase you are interested. I also made a hat and a chunky Carmel bobble chunky cowl which I love and extra chic and cozy. The strange thing is its December and there is no snow on the ground. Had some few cold days ,warm days and allot of rainy days, in fact it's raining while I am writing this. So this weather has not really made me in the Knitting or crocheting mood. I know there is allot of you who bring your projects with you on the go and I do have 2 pouches to carry my projects in but, like I said...the mood has been crazy here at the house, with the holidays, the accident and the puppy. But none the least one thing is for sure it has made me in a cup cake baking frenzy! As you seen in a few post back I made a Rainbow cup-cake which was a huge hit, but I posted two more pictures of cuppie cake creations that me and friend has made. The first is the cookie monster cup-cakes that was a big hit and tasted so yummy! and then for Thanksgiving a Turkey cup cake. I hope this inspires you. I will be thinking of a design for a Christmas cup cake to share with you all. Besides all this like I said there has been allot of running around and shopping. I went to Woodsfield mall and visited the Lush store. For those of you who don’t know what that is. It's a all natural body and face company with lotions, crèmes and soap! boy can I say I am obsessed. I bought a few things, one of them the Sultana of Soap, Which is made out of Apricots are rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, and many other minerals. The dried fruits contain even more beta-carotene (10.9IU) than the fresh fruit (2.6IU) per 100 grams. They also have an even higher concentration of potassium than the fresh fruit and smells divine! and was a hit with the guys in my life. I also bought a freshly made BB seaweed mask mmmm sooo fresh smelling and made my face feel soo smooth. Both of the products I purchased I would give 2 thumbs up. The mask is great for dry skin and has enough be used 3 times. If your interested check out there web site at:


I used:
* 1 box of white cake mix
* vanilla frosting
* blue food coloring
* small m&m cookies for the mouth
* White backer chocolate round chips (eye)
* chocolate chips (center of eyes)

Bake the cup-cakes then color your vanilla frosting deep blue keep dropping the food coloring until your happy with the shade of blue. Use frosting to “glue” the chocolate chips onto the white chocolate chips and place on cup cake its ok if you make him have a slight crazy look…again it is cookie monster J the crumble some of the mini cookies and place on the mouth area and who-la!

Turkey Cup cakes

* 1 box of chocolate cake mix
* mini Reese pieces cups
* Oreo
* mini m&ms
* almonds
* chocolate frosting

Lush Soap “Sultana of Soap” smells so fresh and yummy! Great for gals and gents!

Here is something that a friend of mine made me and I promised to post a picture. This is not all of my lip glosses and lip-sticks but it’s a nice way to store my things and also a piece of art. Adds color. Want some more! Isn’t it cute!?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Seeing Spots

Hi everyone! been awhile since my last post no? Wow, there is so much to tell you. I been pretty busy with the new puppy! yes I got a puppy and he is a handful. He is a Pitbull-Dalmation mix and very out going. his name is Chopper. Its been hard trying to take a pic of him cause he cant seem to stay still. But after lots of walks and playing he is calm enough to take a snap bit for you guys. He destroyed most of his toys leaving shoes and fingers second option to chew on...and let me tell you this is not enjoyable. chopper loves, longs walks, eating flowers, jumping in mud, destroying new shoes (yes he does not like the old ones for some odd reason) and his cookies. Training has been interesting cause many interesting articles and kind neighbors had mention to use food as a source of praise. As you can see chopper is a little chunky and once you give him one cookie (his puppy pebbles) he looses all interest in training and only wants the cookies. He is only about ten pounds but thinks he is 60 lol what a handful he has been.

Beside the new addition to the family I have been involved in a car accident past 3 days. Wednesday morning on my way to work. A car speeding hit me full force while I was at a red light :( I went to the hospital and got x-rays done and let me tell you. I feel the pain more each day. So now I need to get a rental and get the jeep fix and take some pain medication which has been making me lazy and sleepy. But on the up side, I am alive and truly grateful it could of been allot worse. I have a little time to just take a break and do some things around the house. Which is not allot because I get tired quickly. I been reading this book I picked up at the Library called: "Frances Mayes under the Tuscan sun, a year in the world." Oh! this book makes me want to pick up my things and travel so bad! I have a list of places I would like to explore and have my séances soaring.

Ok well enough for now, the medication is kicking in and getting sleepy lol so for now I will rest. Next time, I continue to finish what I was talking about so it does not seem like I am rambling.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Seeing Rainbows

The rainbow of colors
So merry and bright
Each color has a purpose
Even black and white

The rainbow is so full
Of radiance and gleam
It sparkles and shines
Through every little beam

After a storm
A rainbow you'll see
With all the glaring colors
A rainbow there'll be

Then at the end
Your dream will come true
A pot of gold awaiting
All just for you ...or a cup cake! :)

Its been Raining so much and I was not sure if there was going to be a sunny Easter. But low and behold there was! I was so excited! Part was because the weather and second I was not needed to work in the weekend!! so headed to the store to buy some goodies and bake! so I made rainbow cuppie cakes! I am going to share my finished cakes and the link to the youtube channel I used to make them. WARNING! they are very messy to make but a blast! hit with kids and adults alike!

I haven’t crochet anything but I have a pattern I need to share with everyone that is a hit and great for spring. I am going to share a few pics of my makeup I did for a wedding I went to and did the Bridal party. I am in a new swap, that I mentioned to everyone on Ravelry called the "visor/brim hat swap" This is going to be lots of fun! I have my partner and the pattern I will do for her and the color yarn. When I am finished I will post pics and buy some goodies. Enough of me talking now keep you updated soon!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Oat, and Bitty bow

I been so busy its crazy! work has been taking so much of my time. I miss my alone time with me and my hook and yarn. On the upside I had a weekend off. You know what that means right? I was a busy bee!! loll I made a few things and received a hat swap package. That I will take pictures of and share on my next post. I joined a new swap on Ravelry. the theme is Brim! I am so excited. I have a few ideas what I will make, all I am waiting for is to see who’s my partner and pick the yarn, color and goodies’ made this hat from 'valliekids' on ravelry called " big brown hat" This hat I love! came out so cute! I added a crochet band with 2 vintage buttons. I love buying buttons at garage sales and estate sales, and using them on my hats. The hat was so easy and fast to make. I used it allot in the fall with my green jacket and leather jacket. Got so many compliments on it. Nothing bad to say about the pattern, on the plus side, takes no time at all and not that much yarn!
Update soon! with the hat swaps...

Soo excited! on the other hand with makeup, I will be doing makeup for a wedding and getting allot of request for free lance makeup services. I bought my first Mac lip stick! I was looking for a purple and I found one! its called " goes and goes" I am posting a pick so you can see the color. I just love it. I am planning to get more colors, like a coral, and a yellow. I know what your thinking, but they will be great colors for spring and summer. So you see what how they look I will share pics of makeup looks.

***Bitty bow*** (pattern little bow peep on my blog)
Ok so this is an example of the endless things you can do with this pattern! I bought a ring and the head of the ring broke.. so I thought, hey make a crochet bow ring! so I recycled it and made the bow to put on top. Now I sewed (wrapped) the bow onto the ring a few times. I did not glue but you can. If you don’t have a ring base laying around you can buy a pack at your local craft store for not that much. So have fun make them in many colors! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Xoxo hugs and kisses Xoxo

Once upon a time there was a girl who never had a hand knitted sweater, so she looked near and far for the perfect match to put on her body. Not to far she found it! then she went on her quest for the yarn and needles to make it. After sweat and tears she finely finished it! she tried it on and it was the perfect fit as it hugged and kissed her curves. I don't know how long it took me to make but I finally took some pictures of my first knitted sweater that I was making as a group sweater knit along. The color I wanted to be different then the traditional fisherman sweater. The only thing I wished I did different was making it a little longer. This sweater did not take much yarn at worries about the yarn not giving was not the case.In fact I had 1 skein left over! I did not do any fancy ways of making the sweater. It was made the traditional way. front, back and both sleeves, blocked and sew the pieces together. If you are interested in the pattern its a old leaflet from leisure arts, that my mother had on hand. I posted a pic also. If you know me I am easily fascinated with anything knitted and crochet. I love being inspired by other peoples knitted garment. Here are a few pics that I Found that just have to be posted on my blog and shared with you.

this is the leaflet i made the sweater from

these shorts are cute!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Week

So I guess you would say I started off the new year with a bang!! ok ok maybe a bust... I was not so successful on writing everyone first thing and wishing them a Happy New Year. So I am wishing you a new week! What normally comes with the new year is new year be honest I am not a big fan of.I would say for the most part I cant stick by them. Surprise enough I am going to try set goals (same thing no?) and do things that always caught my attention and do things i never did before. I know being crafty has its down falls and perks. I feel already there is not enough time to make everything I want and not enough yarn to make them (or crafty supplies) lol but with that said with Ravelry has been an addiction like facebook is to most people (coughs) Ravelry is an addiction, I just had to get that off my chest haha, But then again I would not come across so many great projects and inspirations. I tried a new look on makeup and also did my 2 hats for ravelry hat swap. One is the "ear-flap" hat swap and the other is "your favorite color 2". With the hats completed its now goodies shopping! I am posting a pic of the hat and cowl I made for the favorite color swap. I also did my nails, and the new look of makeup. The nails are pink tips with glitter tip. The make-up is turquoise and purple and brown.The hat is a modified version of a hat, holding a turquoise worsted and variegated worsted together to make a little chunky. Made a bow to put on the side with the Turquoise yarn. The bow is " Little Bow Peep" pattern I have on my blog. Link for ravelry:

Work has been going good. I had been doing allot more make-up applications and lessons. I had a woman come in and got a new hair cut for the new year and wanted a new look. She had a few concerns she was worried about. She started off saying, I want clear looking skin, healthy glow, my eyes are deep set and would like them to pop! So we did just that. here is the before and after. I gave her most key thing I tell all my ladies. If trying a new look practice at home, when you have no where to go and don't feel pressured. Most importantly...have fun make-up can wash right off and you can start over!

p.s. I almost forgot i got a new hair cut and color! I never colored my hair before now my hair is no longer a virgin lol so i had this virson and came to one the best hair-stylist at my work and told her and she cut it. I was having a bad day and was telling her how i wanted red pika-bo's and she said, " I have this great color" and ran back and started putting pika-bo's in my hair. I asked how much I owe you for those and she said, "Marry Christmas!" she made my day! I have to say she made me addicted to pika-bo's now.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hats off to you!

I am so excited! I got this package in the mail, coverd in red snowmen that yes I will admit the first thing came to mind was a pair of pj's I own lol and ran to the kitchen to grab some scissors (note: I did not run back with scissors "cough")and opened my package. It was my hat from the cables and lace hat swap hosted on Ravelry!It was one of the hats I qued and been dieing to make but been so busy with other knitting projects never started. Along with the amazing hat I got goodies! I will list left to right: * girl tweezer, * skull tissues, *fork-spoon, * candy, * monkey key cover, * Stitch markers, * 2 ornaments, * 2 skiens of knit picks yarn in a great shade of purple! I made a hat for my partner but cant post any pics yet cause she has not recieved it yet. I am in one more hat swap, but this one is a suprise. It's called the "secret hat swap" you make your partner a hat on there wish list. Your parnter has no idea who you are or what your making, until they get it in the mail :) I been busy with hats swaps and between that personal projects. I will be posting pictures of other finished projects when I get a chance. I dont know if anyone really reads my post...but I will give this a try. Does anyone have great holiday wrapping ideas for swaps/ gift giving on knit or crochet projects you make?

I been also doing make-up! and nails. I am going to share a few pics of some makeup looks and nails I did, hopefully they inspire you. I did these in the summer/fall. under each pic I will list the colors I used.