Big Oat, and Bitty bow

I been so busy its crazy! work has been taking so much of my time. I miss my alone time with me and my hook and yarn. On the upside I had a weekend off. You know what that means right? I was a busy bee!! loll I made a few things and received a hat swap package. That I will take pictures of and share on my next post. I joined a new swap on Ravelry. the theme is Brim! I am so excited. I have a few ideas what I will make, all I am waiting for is to see who’s my partner and pick the yarn, color and goodies’ made this hat from 'valliekids' on ravelry called " big brown hat" This hat I love! came out so cute! I added a crochet band with 2 vintage buttons. I love buying buttons at garage sales and estate sales, and using them on my hats. The hat was so easy and fast to make. I used it allot in the fall with my green jacket and leather jacket. Got so many compliments on it. Nothing bad to say about the pattern, on the plus side, takes no time at all and not that much yarn!
Update soon! with the hat swaps...

Soo excited! on the other hand with makeup, I will be doing makeup for a wedding and getting allot of request for free lance makeup services. I bought my first Mac lip stick! I was looking for a purple and I found one! its called " goes and goes" I am posting a pick so you can see the color. I just love it. I am planning to get more colors, like a coral, and a yellow. I know what your thinking, but they will be great colors for spring and summer. So you see what how they look I will share pics of makeup looks.

***Bitty bow*** (pattern little bow peep on my blog)
Ok so this is an example of the endless things you can do with this pattern! I bought a ring and the head of the ring broke.. so I thought, hey make a crochet bow ring! so I recycled it and made the bow to put on top. Now I sewed (wrapped) the bow onto the ring a few times. I did not glue but you can. If you don’t have a ring base laying around you can buy a pack at your local craft store for not that much. So have fun make them in many colors! :)


  1. What a cute hat. Maybe when I get good enough at knitting I'll do a swap like that :)

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I always been into swaps, you should try one! :)


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