Update not too Late!

I feel so bad that I haven't posted anything on my blog. Either Craft related, life or projects I been up to. To think that Christmas is almost here and running around trying to do my last minute shopping, ok for some it's not quite last minute but for me it is. Also the new year too! wow this is so crazy! I have a few things to tell you gents and gals. First off I got a new position at my job which has been keeping me extra busy but I have to say I like it allot! and allot less stressful. I knitted a few things that I need to post pics of but one is not with me. I made a special requested knit for a friend a cowl neck, black and grey chunky knit. I will also post notes how to make incase you are interested. I also made a hat and a chunky Carmel bobble chunky cowl which I love and extra chic and cozy. The strange thing is its December and there is no snow on the ground. Had some few cold days ,warm days and allot of rainy days, in fact it's raining while I am writing this. So this weather has not really made me in the Knitting or crocheting mood. I know there is allot of you who bring your projects with you on the go and I do have 2 pouches to carry my projects in but, like I said...the mood has been crazy here at the house, with the holidays, the accident and the puppy. But none the least one thing is for sure it has made me in a cup cake baking frenzy! As you seen in a few post back I made a Rainbow cup-cake which was a huge hit, but I posted two more pictures of cuppie cake creations that me and friend has made. The first is the cookie monster cup-cakes that was a big hit and tasted so yummy! and then for Thanksgiving a Turkey cup cake. I hope this inspires you. I will be thinking of a design for a Christmas cup cake to share with you all. Besides all this like I said there has been allot of running around and shopping. I went to Woodsfield mall and visited the Lush store. For those of you who don’t know what that is. It's a all natural body and face company with lotions, crèmes and soap! boy can I say I am obsessed. I bought a few things, one of them the Sultana of Soap, Which is made out of Apricots are rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, and many other minerals. The dried fruits contain even more beta-carotene (10.9IU) than the fresh fruit (2.6IU) per 100 grams. They also have an even higher concentration of potassium than the fresh fruit and smells divine! and was a hit with the guys in my life. I also bought a freshly made BB seaweed mask mmmm sooo fresh smelling and made my face feel soo smooth. Both of the products I purchased I would give 2 thumbs up. The mask is great for dry skin and has enough be used 3 times. If your interested check out there web site at: Lush.com


I used:
* 1 box of white cake mix
* vanilla frosting
* blue food coloring
* small m&m cookies for the mouth
* White backer chocolate round chips (eye)
* chocolate chips (center of eyes)

Bake the cup-cakes then color your vanilla frosting deep blue keep dropping the food coloring until your happy with the shade of blue. Use frosting to “glue” the chocolate chips onto the white chocolate chips and place on cup cake its ok if you make him have a slight crazy look…again it is cookie monster J the crumble some of the mini cookies and place on the mouth area and who-la!

Turkey Cup cakes

* 1 box of chocolate cake mix
* mini Reese pieces cups
* Oreo
* mini m&ms
* almonds
* chocolate frosting

Lush Soap “Sultana of Soap” smells so fresh and yummy! Great for gals and gents!

Here is something that a friend of mine made me and I promised to post a picture. This is not all of my lip glosses and lip-sticks but it’s a nice way to store my things and also a piece of art. Adds color. Want some more! Isn’t it cute!?


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